Our offer is addressed to both individual and group recipients. We organize events in which up to 150 people can participate!


Boring evenings with alcohol is a thing of the past. We invite you to organize a bachelor party in a spectacular style with attractions especially for the groom. The last evening will start with a good dose of adrenaline, integration and liveliness of the participants of the night voyages.

The groom will be properly dressed to make him stand out from the crowd, meet him with scenarios dedicated to the occasion, as well as a surprise from Citypaintball!

After the game, you can sit back on the grill and reminisce.


Integration among employees is a very important thing, and we have a system to irreversibly narrow down relationships among meeting participants. At work, the boss, a partner with us, a subordinate at work, a friend with us – these principles are guided by the duration of the event, so that everyone can actively relax from the week of work, while leaving nice memories, and receiving a large dose of adrenaline. Scenarios are used on a large scale with the use of unique props and pyrotechnics. The catering menu will be arranged so that everyone can relax and regenerate with meals.


No idea for an interesting birthday does not have to end badly again. Whether it’s an adult or a child, a birthday at Citypaintball will ensure unforgettable emotions for both the birthday boy and his / her friends. Interesting scenarios will also focus on this special person, whether it will become a target or a special person in the team.

During rest we provide a barbecue or the possibility of ordering a pizza.


An idea for an interesting trip – a non-family meeting of a computer game fan club or knight’s club? Yes – PAINTBALL !! Here everyone will feel freedom and test their skills on the battlefield. A great dose of adrenaline, with the possibility of shooting your friend or colleague – priceless! We guarantee interesting scenarios using the tournament system where we can divide the group into 4 smaller ones, thus each of them will fight for the points needed to win. The watchful eye of the photographer will ensure that all the effective actions taken during the games will not be in vain and we will be able to share them by pasting into your profile photos on social networks.


A great attraction for schools, visiting classes in Wroclaw. Paintball is 100% safe fun, an amazing dose of competition and an unforgettable experience. A special offer for schools will provide a great start for a group of colleagues out of the bench.


Battles of archers straight from the Hunger Games where 2 opposing teams meet in a small area.

The power of adrenaline and dexterity you won’t experience anywhere else.


Paintball for kids Gotcha is fun already at the age of 7. Completely safe competition under the guidance of an animator / instructor will create an unforgettable child’s birthday. Gotcha – is a special system of rifles with reduced firing power, paintballs with a smaller caliber than traditional ones, and safe protective masks.


An event especially for those who have trouble getting a minimal group to create their game. Openday takes place about 1 / month, and the battle begins after signing up through the form of individuals, smaller groups. In this way, sometimes you can taste the battle in 60-70 people at a time!