1. Each player on the field is responsible for himself and his behavior.
2. Before starting the game, each player must read the rules and sign the relevant statement.
3. Each player under 18 must have the written consent of the legal guardian / parent to participate in the game
4. Shooting with a paintball marker is only allowed in the game area. Outside the playing area, the marker must be properly secured.
5. Paintball masks must be worn during the game. Only in the preparation zone the masks can be removed.
6. Players are not allowed to bring tools or other prohibited equipment into the playing field.
7. The player will not be allowed to play if he is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
8. Each player is obliged to follow the instructions of the field and judges.
9. Each player using the game equipment is obliged to return it in the same condition. The user is responsible for any damage to the equipment resulting from improper use, non-compliance with the regulations or non-compliance with the field’s operating instructions.
10. The participant of the game declares that he is aware of the risk of participation in the Paintball game, in which he participates only on his own responsibility and in the event of any unfortunate events he will not bring claims to the organizer.
11. During the game, only paintballs purchased from CITYPAINTBALL can be used. It is not possible to come with your own balls purchased from another source. The exception is the OpenDay event.