Stag Parties

Thats how You do it !

Unforgetable evening

Stag partu it is not only pub crawling and drinking till morning. Real fun and thing to remember gives You paintball game with best friends !

Citypaintball is stag party center in Wroclaw. We organise tons of such events and serve best party in our park.

Dress the bachelor in a rabbit costume, chase him around the playing fied in a special dedicated scenario. Play more than one scenario by shooting your best friends. After the game, sit down in the resting area and enjoy prepared meals from the BBQ.

We do not organize a “so-so” bachelor parties, we serve the best attraction in the city!

It is worth

Why with us?

Short Pricelist

Starter packages prices - price per person
The minimum number of participants in a group: 8 people

70 PLN

100 paintballs package / 1.5 hours
Additional 100 paintballs : PLN 30

160 PLN

500 paintballs package / 2.5 hours
Additional 100 paintballs : PLN 30

240 PLN

800 paintballs package / 3.5 hours
Additional 100 paintballs : PLN 30

Grill or bonfire

Service, lighting, additions
You bring bread, meat

200 zł / group

BBQ Package 1

2 sausages, drink 0,5L

30 zł / p.p

BBQ Package 2

2 sausages, black pudding, meat, drink 0,5L

50 zł / p.p

BBQ Package 3

2 sausages, black pudding, meat,camembert, piece of chicken, drink 0,5L

70 zł / p.p

Thats not all !
Commonly chosen accessories

Bachelor games on paintball is a great idea, but it can be improved, see what our clients choose most often to make their evening even more interesting.

The 5 smoke grenades pack is a sensational idea for players to have a better arsenal for incredible fun. Fire up, throw, cover the area – go unnoticed to another place, or maybe smoke out a camper?
1 smoke grenade: PLN 25
5 smoke grenades: PLN 100

Man does not live by shooting alone! After a debilitating game, take Your time and rest, eat the meal options in many formats.
Organization of a barbecue / campfire with your meat and bread: 200 PLN / group
Catering on order: more in the price list

If the camouflage suit is not very original, decorate the bachelor with a special rabbit or tiger costume. An unforgettable effect!
Renting an outfit: PLN 50

Arrow Tag is the fastest growing attraction right after paintball. Join your evening with the archers’ arena where you can fight like in the Hunger Games by shooting yourself with soft-headed arrows.
Arrow Tag: PLN 400 / hour

If you want not to go to the bachelor party by tram – order transport with us in an exclusive 12-seater limousine! Welcome champagne.
1 hour trip: PLN 400 / limousine
2 hour journey: 700 PLN / limousine

To make the event memories even better – order an extended photo package from us. The instructor leading the party does not part with the camera to provide plenty of photos to watch after the party.
Photo package: PLN 150 / party

Event plan

Day plan

(Example: Start 12:00 Package Bronze)


Meeting at Citypaintball Park. Punctuality and the appearance of the whole group at the same time are important.

1200 - 1230

Changing Your wear to uniforms, spliting of teams, Health and Safety training, rules of the game and rules in Citypaintball


Entering the game field, starting the game. In between game rounds, participants rest in a safe area. After resting we continue playing the next rounds.
End of event occurs or after time according to packet or after using all ammunition (this may occur faster than packet time)


Return to the rest area. Changing uniforms, taking photos. End of the party.

1330 - 1600 (opcjonalnie)

Use of various (previously ordered) options of catering, grill, bonfires.


Frequently Asked Questions

As organizers, we understand that a bachelor party has its rights.
You can bring your alcohol, leave it in the recreation area – to be consumed after the game.
People under the influence of alcohol will not be able to participate in games!

Everything really depends on the distance, the closer the greater the impact. That’s why you can’t shoot at yourself from close range.
However, sometimes in the heat of battle  when receiving hits, adrenaline completely blocks the feeling of being hit and sometimes the participants are surprised that they did feel nothing.

You get the whole suit from us. Underneath you can take a tshirt for a change, because you will probably be sweaty after the game.
It is important that the shoes are covered – they will not be damaged without fear

The paint …. in fact, the food dye are easy washed off from any material. Soapy water will easily remove any splats. Shoes, pants, nothing will be destroyed.

The duration of stay is the package time + optional grill. So for example with the silver package your time is about 2.5 hours + 2 grill or about 4-4.5 hours. It can of course be shorter – a matter of the speed of shooting paintballs.

Our park is perfectly prepared for any quantity. However, the minimum of fun is 8 people (4 vs 4). If it happens that there will be someone less at the time of the event, the organizer is obliged to purchase a minimum package of the missing person. This person’s paintballs are given to the play group.

We are always ready for the hour booked in the form. Participants should be about 10 minutes ahead of time.
It is important that the whole group is for the duration of the reservation, as safety training will be conducted before the game.

We organize games in virtually all conditions. We suggest that you cancel the meeting if: The temperature is below -5 degrees, there is heavy rain or a big storm. We want everyone to have good memories after visiting our park. Of course, in these critical conditions we send back the pre-paid money.

The mask has a wide space in the goggle area where most glasses easily fit. However, for the convenience of play and comfort – we highly recommend the use of contact lenses.

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