Game Fields

Professional venue

In the park, apart from playing fields, there are facilities for customers to make their stay unforgettable. The game area is separated from the recreation area by a professional 6m netting.

  • 2 large recreational areas
  • 4 large camp areas, roofing
  • Barbecue area, bonfire area
  • Relaxation area, mini-beach, hammocks, sunbeds
  • Parking, toilet.

5 game areas and even more!

As the only Paintball Park in Poland, we provide 5 different game areas. All fields are adjacent, so for larger groups it is possible to play all at once, increasing their limit to up to 150 people at the same time!

The Fort !

The built multi-level fort is an attraction in itself! We use it in great battles of 20+ participants and provide amazing attractions for defenders and attackers!

Arena Arrow Tag

In addition to Paintball, we offer so-called Archery Tag ARENA. Arrow Tag arrowheads are soft foam, which on impact does not cause bruising or pain. Safe and exciting sport from the age of 15. Great fun, amazing emotions and scenarios.

8-20 players

The field is made of roofed houses, natural wooden obstacles and trenches. Symmetrical layout of the field ensures the balance of pages. An excellent field for team and tournament matches. A large number of obstacles, the possibility of a strategic approach makes this area very good for beginners and advanced paintball players.

10-20 players

The forested part of the area creates an amazing atmosphere! Many wooden obstacles, houses camouflaged inside the forest, overturned trees, and piles of branches make this field a place of skirmishes of persistent snipers and tactics. Many streets cut in the forest allow for fast movement, and denser parts the opportunity to surprise the opponent.

10-30 players

Aztec is a maze of visually amazing blocks, reels and towers! The action in this area accelerates twice, and the adrenaline rushes. Wide field with the option of flanking the opponent, crawling to the rear under cover, You haven't seen it yet!

10-20 players

The industrial area of ​​our park. Here you will feel the atmosphere of apocalypse and Fallout. Barrels, radioactive containers, large tires. This area provides continuous fire exchange in a perfect visual setting.

8-16 players

The forest arena is kept in a military climate. Trenches, curtains, barrels, a lot of vegetation - this subject helps you feel the atmosphere of a good fight!
Training ground ideal for skirmishes of smaller and larger groups.

20-60 players

Fort is not a playing field like the others. It is basically a great element located next to other training grounds. However, this fortress is intended for large-scale scenarios conducted at Citypaintball.
Already many thought that it would conquer Fort ...

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