About us

Our company has been organizing the best entertainment in Wroclaw since 2003.
In the 2009 season, we opened the only professionally made amusement park in Wroclaw at the Olympic Stadium.
We provide unforgettable paintball events for both adults and children, arena arrow tag. We organize comprehensive integration events with catering.



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5 Game fields

Our venue as the only one in Poland has completely innovative 5 arenas so that each scenario is unique and guarantees diversity.
End the game only in one area there and back to boredom! The park is operated by experienced Paintball instructors and players who provide appropriate training, as well as assistance and support during games.
As organizers, we prepare many exciting scenarios for the game to please smaller groups and those with a large number of players.

They trusted us:

Why choose us?

We provide a unique atmosphere of fun and integration, and at your request we will organize a barbecue to relax after a hard time playing. After the game, participants receive from us souvenir photos, taken all the time fun.


No more paintball fields far away from city, the ONLY game area in the center of Wroclaw - Olympic Stadium of the University of Physical Education.
Nice surroundings the greenest area of ​​the city.
Access by tram, bus, car, bike and on foot.


We organize events every day! With us even during the week after work / college you can relax. We adapt to your needs!


We check shooting speed of guns to keep them safe.
Refereeing by trained instructors. Comfortable observation thanks to a secure professional protective netting.


We have a wide range of scenarios along with the necessary gadgets, professional referees and instructors trained by European coaches who will train players how to play safely and effectively.

Integration and intimacy

We focus not only on paintball, but also a nice atmosphere outside the game. We provide grill, fireplace and great fun.

Different game fields

We have four themed game areas, everyone will find something for themselves.


New guns, non-steaming masks, and comfortable outfits. Our game is always at the highest level. Have you ever participated in a paintball game? See how much you missed.


The game area is adapted for everyone, we have: changing rooms, seating places, a separate barbecue and recreation area, four roofs, a toilet, parking, as well as the possibility of using the shower.