Open Day event

Thats how You do it !

OpenDay events

Event time schedule:

10:00 – 10:30 registrations
10:30 – 10:40 training, translation of rules
10:40 – 14:00 starts of individual game rounds interspersed with breaks
14:00 end of the event

The most important information about the event

Open Game

You don't need to have a group each can sign up one at a time

Paintball at the event

You can bring your own paintballs They will also be available on site


Reservation is required via the form on this page


Ideal location, can be reached by public transport or bicycle.

It is worth

Why with us?

OPENDAY Pricelist

START / 30zł

Entrance to event + ID
Unlimited gas charging

RENTAL / 90zł

Entry to event + ID
Rental of a marker - Suppressing gas without limit
Rental of a mask
Rental of a uniform
Package of 500 balls


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything really depends on the distance, the closer the greater the impact. That’s why you can’t shoot at yourself from close range.
However, sometimes in the heat of battle when receiving hits, adrenaline completely blocks the feeling of being hit and sometimes the participants are surprised that they did feel nothing.

The paint …. in fact, the food dye are easy washed off from any material. Soapy water will easily remove any splats. Shoes, pants, nothing will be destroyed.

The OPENDAY duration is about 4 hours.
Start 10:30, end 14:00.

This is an event for you! here we sign up one at a time and form a large group to play with the people finally saved.

We want OPENDAY participants to have the best memories of having fun in our Paintball Park.
In case of bad weather, the event will be canceled, all information will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the booking, as well as on the Facebook profile

The mask has a wide space in the goggle area where most glasses easily fit. However, for the convenience of play and comfort – we highly recommend the use of contact lenses.